OP Full Form | OP Meaning in Facebook WhatsApp and PUBG

Read this post to know the OP Full Form, in which we have provided all the information about the OP full form. Today you must have got to hear the word OP somewhere because today it has become a very common word.

If you also get to listen to OP word, then you must have gone into thinking about what is OP Full Form and what is OP means. So today you are also searching for the Full Form of OP on the Internet, so let us know all the information related to OP.

OP Full Form

OP Full Form | OP Meaning in Facebook WhatsApp and PUBG

OP Full Form is Original Post and Overpowered. The full form of OP may vary, but today most people use the original post or overpowered.

OP Meaning in Facebook WhatsApp

On Facebook, we get to see OP on a lot of people’s posts and people use the word OP in Facebook post comments as well as people sometimes use the word OP while chatting on WhatsApp.

In today’s time, many people do OP to tell their point, but many people do not know the OP meaning, due to which they are not able to answer OP correctly.

In Facebook WhatsApp or Chat, OP means the original post or original posting. Apart from this, OP also means very good because many people like your posts on social media, then they can speak OP.

OP Meaning in PUBG

If you play PUBG and BGMI games, then you must also get to listen to OP Player and OP Gameplay, after which you must also think about what happens in OP Meaning PUBG, so let’s now know what it means.

If any PUBG player plays this game very well, then OP player or OP gameplay is called and the meaning of OP in PUBG game is overpowered.


OP Meaning in WhatsApp Chat

OP stands for Original Post in WhatsApp Chat.

OP Meaning in Chat

OP in chat means a very good original post or original posting.

OP meaning in Hindi

OP का Meaning Hindi में मूल पोस्ट होता है।

OP Full Form in Hospital

Is outpatient.

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