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Vivastreet APK Download for Android [Latest Version v3.6.7697]

The use of technology has increased in the lives of all of us. Now we want to fulfill all our needs through the Internet. The Internet has also completely changed the field of business. Today we can sell and buy any goods with just one click on our mobile. One such platform is Vivastreet, whose mobile application is also available. So do you want to do Vivastreet APK Download?

So today we will tell you how you can download Vivastreet APK for free. In this article, we will also tell you how you can sell and buy goods by putting up ads for free through Viva Street. Apart from this, we will also give you information about the features found in the Vivastreet app. So read this article till the end to know the full.

App NameVivastreet
DeveloperVivastreet Team
Current Versionv3.6.7697
Last UpdatedJuly 21, 2023
Requires Android5.1 and up
APK Size12.53 MB
Download1 Million
Platform (OS)Android

What is Vivastreet APK?

VivaStreet is a free classified advertising website that allows its users to publish ads for free. You can download the Vivastreet APK by following the steps mentioned by us and sell your goods with good value with the help of this platform. Viva Street is a global marketplace in which you can reach your goods globally for free.

So if you are thinking of downloading the Vivastreet app, then it is important for you to know that it is a UK-based company by which this app was first launched in France in 2004. Later it was launched in 15 different countries, including countries like Brazil, France, Belgium, India, and Ireland.

On VivaStreet, verification of both advertiser and buyer is done at different levels to ensure that only verified people from both sides can deal. Which increases the credibility of the marketplace. You can Download VivaStreet and contact the customer or buyer directly, due to which you will also get the benefit of third-party sharing.

Vivastreet APK Download

Vivastreet APK Download for Android [Latest Version v3.6.7697]

If you want to do Vivastreet APK Download then we are going to tell you below how you can download this application. Follow the steps below to download Vivastreet App.

  • First of all, you have to go to the Chrome browser on your mobile or computer device.
  • After which you have to search Vivastreet APK Download on the browser.
  • Or you can come directly to website and access the download page.
  • After coming to the browser or direct website you have to scroll down and click on the Vivastreet APK Download button.
  • After this, this app will start downloading in your mobile, for which you can wait a little until this app is downloaded.
  • If you want to download the VivaStreet APK for iOS devices, you can download it from the App Store.

VivaStreet APK Features

1. Free Posting

You can download Vivastreet APK and post advertisements for your goods and services for free in it. If you are looking for a marketplace to sell your goods, then this app is a good option for you. In which you can upload photos of your goods as well as write about that description. As soon as you post an ad, your ad starts reaching millions of users.

2. Multiple Categories Available

Here you get the option of multiple categories. You can easily access products like vehicles, property, houses, electronics, and automobiles by browsing any category according to your needs. All the ads shown here are classified by VivaStreet so you can deal with any goods or services you need without worrying.

3. Buy and Selling

With Vivastreet APK, you can sell any of your new or old items with good value. But you can also buy new or old goods you need using this platform. Here you will find used items like electronics, clothes, vehicles, and furniture easily available at low prices at your local location. You can buy goods directly by talking to the advertiser.

4. Editing After Listing

On this platform, you can post your ad for free, but if you feel that the post you have done needs some editing. So you later. You can also edit and make some changes to it. For example, if you want to change the photo of your luggage or want a change in the description, then you can edit the advertisement according to your own at any time. So download the latest version of Vivastreet APK now to post ads for free.

5. Find Jobs

If you are worried about your career and you are looking for a job, then here you will also see advertisements for job vacancies. You can apply for the vacancy at your convenience based on your qualifications.

Also, if you want to make an employee appointment, you can also advertise Vaccany according to your needs. From there you can easily make an employee appointment. So for this, you download the Vivastreet APK now.

6. Adult Service

Apart from buying stuff, if you are looking for a dating platform, you can still download the latest version of Vivastreet APK. Because here you get a chance to make new friends. Apart from this, if you want a casual relationship, then this site is also a good platform for you. Here you will get opportunities to make thousands of new friends.

7. Easy to Use

This is a very easy-to-use application in which you get a simple little interface. Here you get the option of category for different goods and services so that you can easily access the item according to your needs. It is also very easy to create an account here. You can create your account by following some simple steps. After which you can use this app.

8. Trustworthy Service

If you want to use this platform as a marketplace, then let us inform you that you get reliable services here. Because all the users here are verified by the company. Apart from this, you can also interact with any user you deal with through direct calls and messages.

9. Extra feature

You will also get to see many additional features on VivaStreet. You also get customer care service here so that you can solve your problem. VivaStreet works on the lines of a global market, so here you will get to see a lot of options in price and quality. This platform is available as an application as well as a website. So you can use any platform at your convenience.


How to Download Vivastreet APK for IOS?

For this, you have to go to the App Store of your iOS device where you have to search by typing Vivastreet App Download, after that you have to download by clicking on the Download button.

How to Install Vivastreet APK?

To install the Vivastreet APK, you can install this app by clicking on the Vivastreet APK file.

How to use Vivastreet?

To use Vivastreet, you can first log in by creating your account by going to Vivastreet’s app or website. After that, you can use it as a buyer or seller.


Today we gave you the information in this article on how you can Download Vivastreet APK. Also, we have given you information about the features given in it in great detail. I hope that after reading this article, you have got the answer to the questions that have been on your mind. But if you still have any questions in your mind, then you must tell us by commenting.

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