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NT TV APK Download Latest v3.1.2 for Android [November 2023]

NT TV APK Download Latest v3.1.2: Today, the most popular NT TV APK on the Internet is and the NT TV APK download method is being searched by the people on the Internet in large quantities, due to which we are trying to give information about downloading NT TV App in our website also.

The way you may know that the NT TV App is a TV watcher by which we can enjoy watching TV on mobile itself. Using it, we can watch live TV shows for absolutely free.

If you also use NT TV APK to watch movies, TV shows, and web series, then there is very good news for you, then the latest version of NT TV APK has come and if you want to download NT TV APK, then you can use this website.

What is NT TV APK

NT TV APK is a type of mobile TV APK in which we can watch our favorite TV show for absolutely free, not only that, we can watch any type of TV channel on our mobile through NT TV APK.

One of the most used apps in India to watch Live TV is NT TV APK and NT TV APK is also very easy to use, which is why people try to download NT TV APK.

App NameNT TV
DeveloperNT TV Team
Current Versionv3.1.2
Last UpdatedNovember 05, 2023
Requires Android4.1 and up
APK Size11 MB
Download1 Million
Platform (OS)Android

NT TV APK Download

NT TV APK Download Latest v2.0.2 for Android [July 2022 Update]

You will know that we cannot use the play store to download NT TV APK because NT TV APK is not available on the Play Store due to which we cannot download NT TV APK from Play Store.

But if you want to download NT TV APK then you can use this website of ours through which you can easily download the NT TV App on your mobile.

To Download NT TV APK, we have explained the whole process on this website and also shown you how to download the NT TV APK. If you also have to get this information, then you can read the whole process below.

How to Download NT TV APK

Today’s most important question is how to download NT TV APK and we have come to know that you are still staying on this website to get the answer to this question, so let us see how to download NT TV App.

  • Go to Google to download the NT TV App, then search by writing NT TV APK Download.
  • After that, you have to click on any of the websites that will come in front of you.
  • Now you have reached the website downloading NT TV APK.
  • Now you will see the download NT TV APK button on that website on which you have to click once.
  • After which the NT TV app will start to be downloaded on your mobile.

How to Install NT TV APK

If you have downloaded the NT TV APK on your mobile and now you want to know how to install the NT TV APK on your Android mobile, then definitely follow the steps given below in which we have told you the process of installing the NT TV APK.

  • You have to go to your download folder first.
  • Now click once on whichever NT TV APK file you have downloaded.
  • After that, you will have the Install button in front of you which you have to click on.
  • Now you will move to the mobile setting in which you have to allow permission to install unknown apps.
  • After which you have to click on the Back Press button once and then you have to click on the Install button.
  • Now the NT TV APK will start installing on your mobile.

NT TV APK Features

A lot of people will not know what are the features of NT TV APK, due to which people are not able to use NT TV APK properly and this problem will definitely happen to you.

To overcome this problem, today we are going to give you complete information about all the features of NT TV APK, after which you can use NT TV APK in the right way.

  • Nt TV APK can watch TV for absolutely free.
  • In the NT TV APK, we can view 1000+ live TV channels.
  • If you like watching live cricket then you can watch live cricket matches for absolutely free using NT TV APK.
  • Nt TV APK is the best choice for people watching Live TV series.
  • The NT TV App can stream any content in 360p 480p 720p 1080p and full HD.

NT TV Alternative

If you want to know about NT TV Alternative, then you can read below because we have provided information about NT TV Alternative in the post below. Whatever apps like NT TV we have told you below, you can use on your mobile just like NT TV.


How to use NT TV

To use NT TV, first of all, you have to download your mobile NT TV app and then you have to go and install NT TV after which you can use NT TV APK.

How to update NT TV APK?

To update the NT TV App, you can visit the NT TV Official website after which you can update the NT TV APK from there.

How to Download NT TV App

We have told you the whole process of downloading the NT TV App in this post, after reading which you can easily download the NT TV App.

Why NT TV Not Working

If you are using the old version of NT TV APK then you may have this problem with you and you can download the latest version of the NT TV App to remove this problem.

Is it safe to use NT TV?

Yes, if you use NT TV, it is absolutely safe.


Note: We are not the owner or developer of NT TV APK and we have written this post only for the purpose of giving you information.

You must have got complete information about the information you have come to our website for and you must have learned how to download the NT TV APK.

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